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Crown Pools has been the top Above Ground Pool supplier in the DFW since 1972. Our story in the industry started selling Doughboy Pools but now we offer a wide variety of brands, models, and types of pools.

Not only will we help you get the perfect fit when it comes to buying a new above ground pool, we also offer everything from chemical supplies, pools accesories, and even weekly service for above ground pools. Our trained staff members can help you deal with any problem when it comes to pools.

Shop the Big Lots swimming pool clearance sale. Find discounts on above ground swimming pools & pool accessories at unbelievable clearance prices.

Why buy an Above Ground Pool?

Having an Above Ground Pool is a great option if you’re looking to create your own personal resort in your backyard, but without the big startup cost of an inground pool. They are very quick to install, and it only takes a couple of days compared to a multiple weeks or a few months for an inground pool.

Big Lots has all you need from pool noodles to training vests to help your little one gain confidence and a new skill. Step up your game by pairing aquatic adventures with neat pool toys such as a volleyball or basketball set. Shop our wide selection of furniture, household goods, home decor, mattresses, grocery & more. You can visit the Big Lots in La Crosse (#5304), located in the shopping plaza near the intersection of Mormon Coullee Rd. And Losey Boulevard S., or shop online at BigLots. All above ground pools can be shipped to you at home. How much do above ground pools cost? Most above ground pools range from $10 to $5,000 in price. What is the best rated above ground pools product? The best rated above ground pools product is the Palisades 15 ft. Deep Hard Sided Above Ground Pool.

Lot Stock Price

These pools come in a variety of sizes, and you can choose between round shape or an oval shape. Being a less permanent pool you can take them down as fast as you can build them, but that doesn’t mean they are not durable. With proper care this pools will last you multiple years and even decades.

Things to consider

Install: These pools are fast and easy to install. Normal installation usually takes a couple of days, and you can bury an above ground pool 2 Ft.

Interior: They come with a liner in the inside, compared to plaster in a inground pool, the liner is very soft to the touch. It also comes in variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

Depth: Above ground pools have a typical depths of 48, 52, and 52 inches deep, which means that diving is not recommended.

Decking: Most people build a custom wood deck or composite deck around their above ground pools. That gives you a more personalized look and easy access to your pool.

Upgrades and Accesories: You can upgrade your pool with custom lighthing. hand rails, ladders, and even pumps that will save you electricity. At Crown Pools you will find a wide variety of options to make taking care your of your pool easy and fun.

We’re looking forward to start your project and make the pool of your dreams a reality. Get in contact with us today or visit any of our 3 locations in Dallas,Allen and DeSoto, and don’t forget that you can come to us for any of your pool needs.

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Unfortunately, Big Lots only offerone inflatable hot tub for sale, and it isALWAYS out of stock. Like, literally, we have never seen it in stock. But fear not! Amazon has plenty of amazing hot tubs to choose from and usually offers better prices than Big Lots.

SaluSpa Paris

Amazing hot tub with built-in color-changing LED lighting. Affordable and easy to set-up!

Blow up hot tubs are definitely the most convenient way of relaxing. They are extremely portable in comparison to built-in hot tubs. And what a better way of spending an evening after a hard day of work than soaking in your own hot tub, enjoying bubble massage and relaxing your body?

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You might even want to throw a hot tub party for your family and friends. Such a party won’t be forgotten, for sure. Don’t wait while Big Lots will offer an inflatable hot tub, buy one right here!

Advantages of purchasing from Amazon vs. Big Lots

The experience of online shopping is synonymous with serenity and convenience. However, the presence of abundant e-commerce stores creates indecisiveness regarding what to buy and where to buy. We all know that Amazon and Big Lots have been the top players in this innovative world of online shopping for many years, but still, there are a few factors that keep Amazon in a stronger position than its competitor ‘Big Lots’.

1. Infinite Stock Available


Both Amazon and Big Lots have ample departments for home products, furniture, electronics, office equipment, etc. But if we compare both on the grounds of ‘steady availability of product/products’, Amazon will certainly stand out from Big Lots and other giant stores. While shopping on Amazon, you won’t see any of your favorite products going out of stock. In contrast, you can sometimes feel frustrated when a stunning product is ‘not in stock’ and this sometimes happens in many e-commerce stores like Big Lots. For example, they have an intex pure spa inflatable hot tub listed in their products, but we have never seen it in stock.

2. Sizzling Offers

Most of the online stores excel in offering huge discounts during checkout, and Amazon and Big Lots are no different in this case. But when it comes to proffering maximum discounts on reputed brands, Amazon gives a tough fight to Big Lots. Amazon has exhibited a special section named ‘Today’s Deals’ which helps in finding the most lucrative deals from several departments. While on Big Lots, you may not see hot deals on most of the displayed products.

3. Payment Methods

Amazon has too many payment options to offer to its customers. Pay with Euro Card, Visa Card, Amazon Store Card, Checks, MasterCard, or any other relevant alternative and experience smooth yet secured transactions every single time on Amazon. Big Lots accepts credit cards only from prime supporters including Visa, American Express, and MasterCard, which restricts the prospective customers to use any other payment mode.

4. Shipping Policy

Because of their huge customer base, Amazon and Big Lots ship products to varied corners of the world. But Amazon offers flexibility in choosing the right shipping method to its lovely customers. From Standard Delivery to Same-Day Delivery, you can choose the shipping method that matches your preferences. Moreover, Amazon doesn’t ask you to bear any hidden shipping charges at the time of receiving an order. But, Big Lots may not give you the Same Day Delivery option in case you want the product within 24 hours.

Amazon has become a household name and there won’t be anybody who is not acquainted with this e-store’s credibility and goodwill. The unbeatable quality, economical prices, buckets of daily offers, timely delivery, reasonable prices and lots of payment options without compromising with the safety are a few of the many reasons that make Amazon the ultimate king of e-commerce platforms.

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