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Total revenues: 2.893.448 Operating profit: 1.751.502 Operating profit before tax: 1.687.523 Total assets: 8.656.829 Total equity: 2.386.438 Currency: NOK (all. Clean energy production with AEM - hydropower generators. Hydropower generators have been manufactured in Dessau since 1954 and now form a focal point of our product range. Eidsiva Vannkraft AS offers utility services. The Company provides the generation, transmission, and/or distribution of electric energy, air conditioning, internet connectivity, and other services.

We are producing standardized and containerized Hydropower plants for smaller rivers, without the need for water dams and regulation which normally cause cumbersome processes with the authorities.

Malthe Winje Infra Power(MWIP) system will serve the market with functional, safe and robust solution for small scale Hydropower, first stage with ratings up to 50 MW.

The unit may operate both in interconnected grids, or separately in island mode, and the detailed technical solution is adapted correspondingly. The unit will be fully automated by PLC and may via available communication channels be remotely surveyed and controlled. The unit can optionally be equipped with a water purification system enabling supply of both electrical energy and drinking water.

Hydropower and hybrid plants between


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1 – 50 MW

Green and Brown Field projects


Vannkraft As

Close partnerships with Norwegian industrial partners from intake to grid


allows us to streamline processes and standardize our offering


Akershus Energi Vannkraft As

together with/ close co-operation with finance and funding institutions


helps us to realize more projects, in a shorter time to get power to people sooner

We provide complete Turnkey Project Implementation, from technical review and design with Norwegian Industry experts to Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Commissioning and handover with favorable financing solutions.

Thor Mikkelborg

Project Developer
+47 907 91 270

Magnus W. Westlie

Project Manager
+47 905 76 729

Kjartan Stigen

Managing Director
Malthe Winje Ltd, Africa
+47 930 09 638 eller
+ 254 (0) 7000 888 11,

Geir Julsvoll
AgderVannkraft As

Financial Adviser
+47 95 26 05 40

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