Live Wetten


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Tipico Live Wetten

You get every Minute one Point, if you're visible on the Viewerlist. You also get 20 Points instant for your Follow. By placing bets, you can easy get more points per hour. You can also refer Friends and get big Bonus Points on this way.

Live Wetten

Bets can be placed in the first 5 Minutes of a game, starting with the loading screen. Then the Bot will post a lolnexus game to the chat, so you know on what you should bet.
In Chat you can bet with following commands:

!bet 10 red

!bet 10 blue

Live Wetten Strategie

Live Wetten
  • 10 is the Bet in this example.
  • You can bet between 1 und 50 points per game.
  • If you win, you get what's been placed on the other side / or your share if their were multiple bets.
  • If their is no bet on the other side, the bonus system is active. You can win 10 Points then.
Live wetten strategie

The Stream is online for 24 hours a day (ok, sometimes it's crashing or has to update). This means, that only watching the stream gives you up to 500 Points a day. By placing bets or refering friends you can earn much more. So, yes it should be easy possible to even get multiple thousand points a day.

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