How To Get Free Lucky Spin In Pubg Mobile Lite


That way, you can get all the prizes at the event, starting from BP, free skins, lucky gems, and also free heroes on mobile legends. Draw 5x at a Time You can Draw with the 5x rule at once, which is a very suitable method for you to use if you have many tickets. In this way, players can usually increase the percentage to get Karrie’s hero for.

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1 parachute skin. 2 material/crate opening coins. 3 paint/lucky coins. 1 Classic Crate Coupon. Now, when you spin the wheel the pointer will select any of this reward randomly. PUBG lucky spin game is fully depended on the luck. Everyone likes to get free exclusive PUBG Mobile Lite items like weapon skins, clothes from PUBG Mobile Lite but it seems that they are very hard to get. Here, we will show you all the ways to get PUBG Redeem Codes free and all PUBG Redeem Codes which are currently available. It is really easy to hack PUBG mobile by using modded apps or using online PUBG mobile generators. Using online generators is by far the easiest, fastest way to get UC and BP: simply select your device (our generator allows for Android, iOS and even BlueStacks simulators on Windows, Linux and Mac), select your username and the amount of currency you want to get and complete a quick reCaptcha. Congratulations you got 7000 free UC in your PUBG mobile account. Now enjoy these UC and buy some extraordinary things. Your friends are going to be shocked after watching you having some premium stuff. This message shows that you are chosen in 100 lucky guys. And we are giving you a gift of 7000 Free PUBG mobile UC in total.

PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin 2020 Event: While the world is facing a historic epidemic, it is revealed that 2020 will be a fruitful year for PUBG Mobile with skyrocketing growth in terms of revenue and number of players. To keep the people who have to stay indoors amidst the social mess, game developers have taken up loads of online and offline events for players across the world including India.

How to get free lucky spin in pubg mobile lite

After capturing PUBG Mobile’s fan base with several new maps such as Liveick, Ancient Secret Mode and Gun Game, the game finally dropped the beans on the PUBG Mobile Wadjet spin event, which was among the game’s most anticipated events in the past few months Is one of Apart from winning special prizes, the players participating in this competition also have the chance to win limited skins. If you want to know more about the PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event details and bonuses, please keep reading!

PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event

According to the game’s publisher, the PUBG Mobile Wadjet spin event which began on August 18 will run until September 7. While the cost per session on the first day is 10 UK, you will need to spend 60 UKUs per cycle for the following days. Meanwhile, the 10-cycle package costs 540 units.


Whether or not you are hesitant about UC’s heavy spending on lucky raffles, the list of prizes and tokens may exceed the expectations you have. See the Wadjet Spin Event Rewards below to see what you can get from the event.


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The prizes you can win from the PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event are really worth the price. At the ongoing event, the company makes a number of special gifts ranging from car skins, weapon skins, and coins to tokens to tokens of ancient secret temples. Here is the complete list of PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event Rewards that you have a chance to win:

  • Premium Coupon Clips For Box
  • Classic Box Coupons
  • Classic Coupon Snippets
  • Lucky Coin (x1)
  • Lucky Coin (x3)
  • Lucky Coin (x10)
  • Horus will-helmet the skin
  • Horus will
  • Horus’ Will – Uz Leather
  • Horus Must – M416 Skin
  • Horus St

List of rare and exclusive items that players can win on PUBG Mobile
In addition to multi-desired items and coupons, players will receive a bonus prize for reaching the draw milestone. While players completing 10 stages in the ruffle will receive a premium crate coupon as a reward, reaching 40 points, they will immediately receive the Will of Horus parachute. The details of the additional rewards you will get for reaching the goals are as follows:

  • 10 Withdrawal – Premium Crate Coupons
  • 40 draw – Horus will parachute
  • 80 Draw – 80 Lucky Coins
  • 120 draw – 100 lucky coins
  • 200 draw – 160 lucky coins

How To Get Free Lucky Spin In Pubg Mobile Lite Mobile

The coins you have won can be used to cash rare items in the store. Additionally, parts can also be exchanged for this limited edition Divine Ascoli. However, please note that coins and parts will expire at the end of the event on 7 September. If you aim to win lucky coins, please do so and exchange items as soon as possible.

Is it worth attending the PUBG Mobile Wadjet Spin Event?

How To Get Free Lucky Spin In Pubg Mobile Lite

Like many other Lucky Spin events, most players will get a few coins or coupons to pick up some tournaments at the PUBG Mobile Wadjet event. A player tests a chance to get rare items from the event and this is the most you can possibly get:

Coupons and Coins are the most prizes you get.

How To Get Free Lucky Spin In Pubg Mobile Lite Pc

However, after spending thousands of UC on spinning, he wrongly won the will of Horus Set and Will of Horus Helmet Skin. Very rare Hopefully, with some of them, there will be nothing just missed. Everything comes at a price. If you really own these items at any cost or think you are a favorite of God, then go ahead!