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Did you know that there is a skill involved in playing video poker?

Video Poker Strategy Now that you know the risk and the reward for the game you want to play, you can calculate exactly which moves to make. Or you could let someone else do it for you. Savvy players have already used the power of computers to figure out the precise.

  • The game rules for the classic Jacks or Better poker are simple and easy to follow. Choose the amount to wager. First things first, choose the amount you want to wager on each hand, and the number of hands you'd like to play. Hit the 'deal' button to receive your first hand of five cards.
  • How Video Poker Strategy is Developed. This section looks specifically at how video poker strategies are developed, including what information you’ll need to come up with your own methods of playing. How to Use Video Poker Strategy Charts. Video poker strategy charts are the most effective way to improve your chances of winning.

That’s right. It turns out that there is always only one mathematically correct way to play any given hand in video poker and a skilled video poker player will, in the long run, achieve a higher payback percentage on any video poker game than a player who guesses about how to play their hands.

So, how do you become a skilled video poker player who knows the correct way to play any given video poker hand? Well, there are two good ways to do it.

1 – Practice your video poker skills with a software training program that will you teach you how to play your hands correctly. Not only will a training program provide you with hours of fun, but it can more than pay for itself by teaching you the best way to play your hand in any given situation in order to lower the casino advantage over you.

We sell the two best video poker software programs available on the market today and we also sell them at discounted prices, starting at just $24.95. For more information, just go to:

2 – Use our FREE video poker strategy charts to learn to play like a pro! Just download them below and print them out for free!

As noted above, video poker is one of the few casino games that has an element of skill. This means that a player who knows how to properly play their hands will, in the long run, get a higher payback percentage on their video poker games than a player who simply guesses how to play each hand.

Keep in mind that there is only one mathematically correct way to play any dealt video poker hand. While some hands are easy to know how to play correctly, there are some hands where the correct play isn’t that simple. In order to know the correct way to play your hands you really need a strategy chart to show you how to do it.

Casino World Video Poker

We have two free video poker charts that will give you an excellent simple strategy for both 9/6 and 8/5 video poker machines. These charts are based on computer simulations of millions of video poker hands and they will give you an almost perfect strategy for playing any hand.

How to use the charts – Both charts will have a list of all the possible hands you can be dealt and each hand will be numbered. The closer the hand is to number one, then that would be the correct way to play that given hand.

As an example: You are dealt (8h, 8s, 7c, 9d, 10h). Should you keep the two eights? Or, go for the open-ended straight? Well, when playing Jacks or Better, the mathematically correct play would be to hold the pair of eights. And, how do we know that? Just by looking at the 9/6 chart you can see that hand #20 is a “four card open-ended straight with no high cards” and hand #16 is a low pair (2’s through 10’s). So, since 16 is lower than 20, the proper way to play the hand is to keep the pair of eights.

To read more about video poker, please visit our video poker articles section.

Listed below are links for video poker strategy charts both 9/6 and 8/5 video poker pay tables. Just print them out and take them with you to the casino when you play. By using these charts you will always know how to properly play your hand in any given situation. Have fun!

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Video poker is a more straightforward version of the common poker game, and unlike common poker, video poker is a more contained version where you play only against the computer. Its design may remind you of slots, with cards being dealt in reels. It’s a lot simpler than common poker and involves faster pace of game play.

We could say that in a way video poker involves less skill than table poker, but works on the same principle and with the same basic rules. The only effort you’ll have to make is to devise a betting strategy, since video poker games can offer some of the best odds. With a little practice you’ll be all set to for a good video poker play.

In order for players to choose playing video poker over table poker, where the excitement is totally different, video poker developers continuously work on lots of new variations. Some popular video poker variations online include Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Multi-Hand Poker, and Bonus Poker.These variations differ in small aspects of the rules, which can make them unique in themselves. There are even progressive jackpot video poker games, a great chance to the big one.




  • Pick your video poker game, learn it and stick to it. We recommend Jacks or Better.
  • Learn the game and practice it in free play mode in order to perfect your playing.
  • Once you’ve mastered your selected game, try other ones with good payouts.
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With some practice and smart choosing of the variations with best payouts can make you a big video poker winner. By implementing a strategy that can help you play the game mathematically correct, you’ll be surprised how clear the return of the pay table actually is.

In order to win at real money video poker, you’ll have to practice the game as much as you can in free play mode. Online casinos offer video poker for free play, so it would be wise to use this advantage. Remember the proverb: “practice makes it perfect”. This is what you’ll have to keep in mind:

  • Learn the poker hands needed to score a bigger payout and to maximize your chances.
  • Spend time playing video poker as much as you can to test different strategies.
  • Understand how different variations work and use that to your own advantage.
  • Always go for straight hands, and forget flushes since they have small payouts.


Casino video poker tips

The mere fact most online casinos have dedicated a special section on their website to Video Poker games is enough to suggest these have been very well received by casino players. Reputable casino rooms house an excellent selection of Video Poker titles that usually include 10's or Better, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and Double Bonus.

10's or Better

Player is dealt five cards in 10's or Better and he gets to choose which cards he wants to hold and which he wants to replace. Once the cards are replaced, the player needs at least a pair of Tens or higher cards for a payout.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is the original Video Poker game and all other variants have been derived from it. The object is to receive at least a pair of Jacks or higher cards after the player has had up to five cards replaced.

Deuces Wild

Twos can replace any other card in Deuces Wild, helping players increase their winning chances, but this perk comes at a price seeing as how you need three of a kind or stronger hand in order to qualify for a payout.

Joker Poker

Video Poker Strategy Cards

You need a pair of Kings or better or stronger hand to receive a payout in Joker Poker, but the good news is that Joker can substitute for any card of any suit to complete a winning combination and award a payout.

Double Bonus

Online Video Poker Casino

Double Bonus features exactly the same gameplay as Jacks or Better, with same combination of cards required for a payout, but this particular variant offers much better payouts on stronger hands, with four Aces awarding staggering 800 coins at a five-coin wager.

All American Video Poker

All American is a version of video poker very similar to Jacks or Better, although it offers different payouts than the standard variant. All American Video Poker features increased payouts on flush, straight and straight flush, whilst payouts on two pair and full house are slightly lower. It is important to note that house edge is very low.

Multi Hand Video Poker

Casino Video Poker Strategy

Multi Hand Video Poker is just perfect for thrill seekers as this particular variant allows the player to play multiple hands at once, with each hand using its own deck of cards. You can play up to 100 hands at a time, with held cards used across all hands, with winnings on multiple hands added up.

Mobile Video Poker

Every respectable mobile casino offers at least one Video Poker game, usually Jacks or Better, while some of them house other variants as well. Playing popular Video Poker titles on your tablet or smartphone is a great way to pass the time and even earn some money in the process in case Lady Luck smiles on you.

ONLINE Video Poker FAQ

There are plenty of good strategies for online video poker out there. Strategies can be divided in three types according to the aspects that they help you with: strategy for managing your bankroll, strategy for playing the basics and going for higher paying hands and strategy for betting the limit and hoping to hit the biggest return (this strategy is very risky, so tread carefully).

What is the 'gamble' feature?

It’s when you receive a certain payout and you wager it by using the gamble feature in hopes that you can multiply the payout that you already received. This feature may be varying from game to game.

What is 'multi-hand' play?

With multi-hand variations players are allowed to play with more than 1 hand at a time. By default you’ll be offered a minimum of 3, and some of the variations have up to 100 hands. It’s a great way to maximize your payout.

Are there any progressive video poker games online?

Progressive jackpots are associated with video slots almost all of the time, but there are progressive video poker games too, like Jacks or Better 10-line, Megajacks, Jackpot Deuces, SupaJax etc.

What are the most popular video poker variations?

Ultimately the most popular video poker variation would have to be Jacks or Better. This variation is part of almost every library of games by different software developers and can be found at almost any online casino. Other popular variations are Aces and Eights, Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus, Deuces and Joker, Jokers Wild, Tens or Better, Bonus Deuces Wild etc.



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