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Math and odds are important parts of Texas Hold’em poker. James Bond knows this (of course). In the final hand of Casino Royale, four players move all-in on the river and Bond scoops the $115 million pot, thanks to smart play.

Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen in a poker scene in Casino Royale. (Sony) Casino Royale was an integral movie for the James Bond franchise. While Pierce Brosnan’s four-film stint as the spy was. Nov 26, 2020 Although Casino Royale set up shop in Prague, the actual poker sequence occurs at a Montenegro hotel. Inside, Bond has been staked by MI6 to play in an international hold’em-style poker game hosted by Mikkelsen’s LeChiffre.

These were the cards on the board:


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Jul 04, 2019 JAMES Bond’s heart-pounding card game against Le Chiffre in Casino Royale has been named the best ever poker movie scene. The clash between 007 and the terrorist at a Montenegro casino saw the.



And these were the players’ hands:

Player 1: Ks-Qs

Casino Royale Poker Scenes

Player 2: 8c-8d


Le Chiffre: Ac-6h

James Bond: 7s-5s

As we can se, Bond had an unbeatable hand on the turn, but with the help of the odds calculator we can find out what his chances of winning the pot were before the flop and on the flop. This is the result:


Player 1: 34.51% chance of winning
Player 2: 30.87% chance of winning
Le Chiffre: 22.18% chance of winning
James Bond: 12.30% chance of winning.


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As we can see, Bond had the by far worst hand before the flop. Even the evil Le Chiffre had a bigger chance of winning at this point, even though Ac-6h is a rather crappy hand, not worthy of a super-villain. .

On the flop:

Player 1: 15.00% chance of winning
Player 2: 47.69% chance of winning
Le Chiffre: 9.02% chance of winning
James Bond: 28.29% chance of winning.

Bond’s chances improve greatly thanks to his open-ended straight flush draw. Le Chiffre is in a bad spot, but player 2 has the best hand with three eights.

The 4s on the turn was the perfect card for Bond, and he was cool enough to allow the other players to improve their hands on the river. The Ace was another perfect card as it made Bond’s three opponents move all-in for crazy amounts of money. Bond naturally knew that he had the best possible hand and he could just relax and collect all the chips.

So, what’s the lesson here? Probably none at all – you shouldn’t use James Bond movies as a source for poker strategy, even though gambling is a popular theme. But you can clearly see that the value of hands change dramatically throughput a Texas Hold’em hand. Bond took maximum advantage of this.

Please use the Poker Odds Calculator below and learn the odds for Bond’s hand and any other hands of poker.

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